The LT8.20 laser tube cutting system
Tube cutting system offers choices
The LT8.20 laser tube cutting system allows users to choose their preferred laser source, loader/unloader style and positioning of the peripheral equipment to maximize floor space. The LT8.20 can handle cutting diameters up to 9.5 in. and bar weight up to 27 pounds per foot. Featuring a 3D tilt cutting head, the LT8.20 performs high-precision angular cuts in round, square, triangular, l-beam and other special shapes.
BLM Group, Novi, Michigan, 248/560-0080,
C370 A-NC cold saw
Cold saw serves longer workpieces
The fully automatic C370 A-NC cold saw is engineered with a heavy-duty vertical column, providing stable frame guidance for vibration-free sawing. The 48-inch index feeder enables producing longer workpieces without having to stop and reset indices. This, together with a higher feed rate, results in improved productivity. The saw features variable blade speed control from 13-89 rpm to enable fine-tuning for precise sawing of even difficult materials. The air-over-hydraulic system provides optimum sawing rates. The saw frame can be swiveled for mitering to any desired angle up to 45 degrees left or 60 degrees right.
KMT Saw, Portage, Michigan, 269/321-8860,
The OmniScan X3 flaw detector
Flaw detector is a complete phased array toolbox
The OmniScan X3 flaw detector’s sharp, high-resolution images give inspectors the imaging data they need to feel more confident in their calls. Thanks to the X3 flaw detector’s full matrix capture (FMC) and total focusing method (TFM) technology, users can see flaws clearly and more accurately represented in the part.
Olympus, Waltham, Massachusetts, 800/225/9330,
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