New Products
Saw redefines high performance cutting
the HPSAW310 from Amada
The HPSAW310 is designed for high-performance metal cutting. This CNC Hyper Saw redefines high-performance cutting with its speed, accuracy, environment and tool features. It is engineered for companies that demand fast cutting for high-volume production. The HPSAW310 has a zero-twist blade frame, CNC control, a round diameter cutting capacity of 1.97 inches to 12.2 inches and features a 25/8-inch blade.

Amada Machinery America Inc., Brea, California, 847/285-4800,

weighing small parts precisely
The new compact, portable pocket scale is built with a precision sensor system, high accuracy and is made of high-quality ABS plastic with magnets and an anti-slip design. This pocket-sized scale is equipped with a durable stainless-steel platform and a backlit LCD display, making weights clearly visible in any environment. A protective case makes it suitable for use in the field. The scale features six units of measurement (g/ oz/ gn/ ct/ dwt/ ozt) and a 1,000-gram maximum weight capacity and reads weights in increments of 0.1g.

Paul N. Gardner USA, Columbia, Maryland, 954/946-9454,

the Gardco new compact, portable pocket scale in green, open with a small weight on its plate
Flap discs create paint-ready surfaces
the new Type 29 flap disc
With a higher ergonomic angle of approach, the new Type 29 flap disc allows for a fast removal rate best suited for heavy-duty applications such as blending contours, edge work and other finishing applications. Maximize productivity and save a valuable step in your finishing process thanks to the Enduro-Flex Turbo dual-grit 36/60, which removes material quickly and leaves a paint-ready finish. It’s made from premium self-sharpening ceramic grain and minimizes heat transfer to the surface, which increases the disc life. By funneling in air, it keeps the workpiece cooler, reduces discolorations and improves disc durability.

Walter Surface Technologies, Windsor, Connecticut, 860/298-1100,

Customer portal module launched
screen capture of 4GL Solutions Customer Portal module within Steel Manager III
4GL Solutions has added a Customer Portal module within Steel Manager III, its ERP software designed for the metals industry. The module provides customers with instant access to real-time information such as create-a-quote, mill test reports, order status and more. Features include check stock and incoming material in all warehouse locations; generate quotes with the option to have quotes automatically priced; easily convert quotes to orders; access invoices, packing slips, MTRs, bills of lading and proof of delivery; and have documents emailed. The Customer Portal will help reduce customer service cost, improve staff productivity, increase traffic to customers’ websites and boost sales.

4GL Solutions, Stouffville, Ontario, 905/640-6727,

Aluminum is treated correctly
Cosen band saws with V_Drive are modern solutions for cutting aluminum efficiently. Cosen’s machines focus on generating high blade speed with the correct combination of horsepower and torque within the gearbox and motor. Even at high speeds, the machine is not overworked and will provide excellent cuts. Cosen’s band saws, combined with big tooth blades, create the right amount of clearance when cutting common types of aluminum, including grades 6061, 6063, 6070, which makes them well suited for service centers and fabricators.

Cosen Saws International Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina, 704/943-1030,

aluminum being cut
Recycled architectural grades available
the Novelis HRC57S applied along the face of a building
The Novelis HRC57S is an anodizing quality aluminum product containing more than 90 percent recycled content. It provides quality for decorative batch anodizing with bending and non-combustible properties not available in any other alloys. The HRC57S alloy has been tested to ensure gloss, color and corrosion resistance all meet architectural performance standards. HRC57S is available in flat sheet and as coil for further batch anodizing and processing. It allows architects, fabricators, façade installers and building owners to achieve more sophisticated and compelling designs while lowering the carbon footprint of new-build or redesigned structures.

Novelis, Zurich, +41 44 386 2150,