New Products

New names for waterjet pumps

a DynaMAX waterjet system
Hypertherm rebranded its HyPrecision and Echion intensifier-based waterjet pumps as DynaMAX. The DynaMAX systems will now begin with a 3 or 5, depending upon the performance, feature or technology of a particular model. This prefix will be followed by the horsepower number and, for pumps engineered with Hypertherm’s patented predictive technology, a “P” suffix. HyPrecision pumps will now have a black exterior to match the exterior of the Echion pumps. The products’ features and benefits will remain the same.

Hypertherm Inc., Hanover, New Hampshire, 800/737-2978,

Automation tool has ‘muscle’
The new M-1000iA robot
The new M-1000iA robot is capable of handling very heavy products including automotive components, construction materials and battery packs for electric vehicles. The M-1000iA’s serial-link construction gives the robot a wider range of motion in every direction. It can extend its arm upright or rotate it backwards, which is not possible for typical heavy-payload robots with a parallel-link mechanism. The M-1000iA features a 1000 kg payload, a 3,253mm horizontal reach and a 4,297mm vertical reach.

FANUC America, Rochester Hills, Michigan, 888/326-8287,

The ELECT40 all-electric tube bender
Compact head expands capability
The ELECT40 all-electric tube bender is available with an elongated, compact head capable of executing shapes previously not possible with single-direction bending machines. The new bending head is reduced in height by 35 percent and has a 31 percent longer bending head, increasing the distance between the bending tool and the machine body. This extra distance reduces the chances of the tube colliding with the frame. It is well-suited for those bending tubes into complex shapes. The ELECT40 can bend material up to 40mm in diameter and has multiple tool stack capability, enabling the production of fixed and variable radii in a single setup.

BLM Group, Novi, Michigan, 248/560-0080,

Long-life intensifier pump
The MotoJet X intensifier pump features ultra-quiet operation with a sound deadening design. The pump includes easy access points with quick-remove side panels, an air-assisted lid, and an automatic interior light. The MotoJet X has a status light built directly into the lid handle, providing quick visibility to the operating status of the pump, and comes IoT-enabled and smart connection ready. The MotoJet X operates at 60,000 psi with both 30 hp and 50 hp options and is compatible across the entire Flow Mach Series of waterjet solutions.

Flow International Corp., Kent, Washington, 800/446-3569,

the MotoJet X intensifier pump
Software updates described
a worker wearing a hard hat using a laptop
The SigmaSUITE v22 product portfolio has been upgraded, including CAD/CAM nesting for router, bevel, punch and cut-to-length operations. The latest iterateion expands connected shop capabilities to help any fabricator. SigmaNEST Version 22 introduces a number of enhancements, such as options to change the sheet names in the feature tree, granular control over hatching density for reporting visibility, and multi-view layout sequencing. SigmaNEST v22 features a graphical indicator so users can validate tab locations for the entire nest before sending the NC program to production. SigmaNEST has been re-engineered for direct transactions within SigmaSUITE, creating a 30 percent speed improvement on processes that require SimTrans transaction manager.

Cambrio, Cincinnati, 513/674-1637,

Fast metal removal achievable
Cushion Flex flap discs
Cushion Flex flap discs allow users better access to awkward areas and provide benefits on end caps, curved or contoured surfaces and fillet (corner) welds. Discs are available in both zirconia and ceramic grains that promote fast metal removal. Suited to applications that require flexible materials, the type 27 C-Solid flap discs are available in 4½-inch and in grits ranging from 40 to 80. The Ceramic C-Prime versions are available in 2 and 3 inches and in grits from 36 to 120. The Zirconia Z-Prime is available in 2 inches and in grits ranging from 40 to 120.

Weldcote, Kings Mountain, North Carolina, 704/739-4115,