Cermet-tipped saw blades
Blades are wear and heat resistant

For heavy-duty cutting applications, Steelmax Cermet-tipped saw blades offer superior wear and heat resistance for long cutting life. These blades feature a super-thin kerf for fast, efficient cutting and laser-cut stabilizer slots that reduce noise and vibration. Steelmax’s proprietary blade geometry, incorporating wide and shallow tooth pockets, combined with its Triple Chip Grind, provide speed and durability for clean, burr-free cuts in even the hardest alloys.

Steelmax Tools LLC, Centennial, Colorado, 303/690-9146,

four new bi-metal bandsaw blades
Four new bi-metal blades released

Multiple rounds of testing, prototyping, and optimization with professionals in the field led Simonds Saw to develop four new bi-metal bandsaw blades that are perform across various functions. The new blades were designed with the specialized depth to meet all metal cutting applications, including production cutting, structural steel and tough exotic alloys.

Simonds Saw, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 978/424-0100,

The Kalamazoo Industries model K44E 44-inch enclosed wet abrasive metallurgical saw
Enclosed wet Saw designed to cut superalloys

The Kalamazoo Industries model K44E 44-inch enclosed wet abrasive metallurgical saw, with a 75-hp motor, was custom fabricated to meet special requirements for exact cutting of superalloys. Inside the saw’s 10-foot-tall enclosure, the saw head rides on a vertical column instead of the conventional hinge or pivot-style saw. This provides a more stable cut for greater accuracy and repeatability. Flood cooling helps to ensure dimensional accuracy.

Kalamazoo Industries, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 269/382-2050,

The Duroxite 200 Wire
Wire made for severe abrasive wear and impact

Duroxite is SSAB’s product brand for a wide range of products in the form of overlay plates, overlay pipes, overlay pins and wire rolls for welding. Duroxite overlay products are made of abrasion-resistant materials deposited on top of mild steel or Hardox wear plate to create an extremely wear-resistant compound material. The latest addition to the Duroxite family is Duroxite200 Wire, which is a flux-cored welding wire for hardfacing components.

SSAB, Stockholm, +46 8 45 45 700,

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