New Products
Glove offers greater comfort, protection
The new Tillman 53 MIG glove is versatile enough to traverse multiple harsh work environments, while protecting hands. The 53 MIG glove has premium split leather on the back of the glove; the palm construction resists heat and abrasion and stays soft and pliable, even when hot. The glove is reinforced at the palm and back of fingers, and features a thumb strap for extra strength. There are functionally designed breaks in the leather for unrestrictive movement, reducing hand fatigue.

John Tillman Co., Compton, California, 800/255-5480,

welder wearing Tillman 53 MIG gloves
Software expands integration
screen capture of SigmaSUITE's “The Connected Shop”
SigmaSUITE continues to close the loop on manufacturing connectivity targeting “The Connected Shop”—scheduling, quoting and logistics informed by nesting intelligence. This focus, along with CAD/CAM enhancements centered on simplicity and best manufacturing strategies, continues to strengthen SigmaNEST capabilities. The aim of the Connected Shop is to bridge CRM, ordering, inventory, production, delivery and accounting functions. New software products and enhancements to the Business Systems and Shop Floor products have expanded this integration for customers.

SigmaNEST, Cincinnati, 513/674-0005,

Platform expanded for industrial metals
Metal Networks.AI, a B2B platform for the industrial metals industry, is powered by its JAQI AI search engine. The platform allows buyers to leverage artificial intelligence to connect, collaborate and close business with suppliers. Customers can use embedded marketplace tools without adding sales/commission costs to orders. The cloud platform requires no integrations with back-end systems. Buyers and sellers can deploy advanced DIY tools to strike deals efficiently without intermediaries. Users can use the platform to coordinate logistics, exchange documents and leverage the built-in communication features to reduce inefficient emails, calls, PDFs and spreadsheets.

Metal Networks.AI, Houston, 866/784-1874,

two industrial workers talking over an iPad