The Taurus FL is a new large-format, gantry-style fiber laser cutting machine
The Taurus FL is a new large-format, gantry- style fiber laser cutting machine engineered for extra-large sheet metal cutting capacity. The machine has a 12-meter bed length and can be expanded in increments of 2 meters to a maximum bed length of 40 meters. The large format allows a diverse range of parts to be cut and efficiently nested, increasing productivity and optimizing material usage. Taurus FL delivers the flexibility to process extra-large sheets or multiple sheets, jobs in varying batch sizes, shapes and material types accommodating workpieces up to 3.3 meters wide and up to 30 mm thick.

LVD Strippit, Akron, Ohio, 716/542-4511,

Software maximizes weld analysis capabilities
WeldSight companion PC software for the OmniScan X3 phased array flaw detector provides inspectors with powerful tools to push the boundaries of flaw characterization and sizing. Compatible with conventional UT, phased array and time-of-flight diffraction acquired data, the software enables inspectors to perform thorough post- inspection analyses that comply with strict validation requirements.

Olympus, Waltham, Massachusetts,