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Handling One-Offs
a worker operates a Sunrise machine inside a factory
Managing multiple processing functions for service centers and fabricators
By Ben Flamholz, Trilogy Machinery Inc.

here are many massive steel service centers throughout the United States utilizing countless angle and plate processing lines to supply a wide range of industries with steel and metal fabricated products. These lines work tirelessly day in and day out, processing long lengths of material, moving metal plates, clips and more out the door. But what about the smaller odds-and-ends jobs, where a service center only needs a few plates punched, bent or sheared?

The success of Sunrise Fluid Power Inc.’s single-end punching machine is built on the fact that steel service centers and fabricators will always have certain one-off jobs for specific customers. Sunrise Fluid Power has manufactured hydraulic punching machines, ironworkers and similar equipment for more than 23 years, and Trilogy Machinery, the exclusive U.S. distributor, offers service and support as well as a full stock of spare parts and accessories.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Sunrise single-end punching machines can perform multiple functions, saving on labor, time, energy and cost while meeting the diverse needs of any metal processor. Available in 38 through 220 tons and with throat depths from 12 to 30 inches, the machine can punch up to 8-inch diameter holes, bend up to 28-inch-wide plate, notch, shear, tube punch and more. Sunrise’s single-end punches can be equipped with a wide range of custom tool sets that are installed with ease, due to the universal T-slot base, wide punch cylinder and adjustable stroke.

uniquely shaped metal parts with holes
Sunrise Fluid Power Inc.’s single-end punching machine is built to tackle niche projects.
All Sunrise punching units can also be equipped with a CNC table that has up to 120-inch X-axis, triple punch and hydraulic stripper. Steel Mart of Atlanta uses its Sunrise PM-220LT—a 220-ton single-end punch with a 20-inch throat—to punch large 1-inch-thick base-plates automatically with a PC-based controller. Shifting the work from a large plasma table reduces the stress on the plasma and offers a much more cost-effective solution with little to no setup time and consumable punches that can cost as little as $30 per set.

The options for these single-end punches are as varied and countless as the service centers using them, but they all serve the purpose of tackling those inevitable one-off niche projects. A Sunrise single-end punching machine can quickly become integral to everyday processes as service centers continue to expand their value-added offerings beyond simple cutting of metal. They can rely on Sunrise equipment to get the job done.

Ben Flamholz is vice president and Sunrise product manager at Trilogy Machinery Inc., the exclusive United States distributor for Sunrise ironworkers, punches and systems.

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