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Saw provides range of applications
KASTO-micut AE 4.6
The cutting range of the new KASTOmicut AE 4.6 saw expands up to 460 mm. One-sided miter cuts are possible up to 60 degrees, depending on the material geometry and dimensions. The saw has a precision ball-screw drive and round guide that enables the feed vise to be precisely positioned, meaning cut-piece lengths will be very accurate. Deviations in the surface quality of the cutting material can be offset through the pivoting mount of the feed vise. This prevents inaccuracies and ensures greater process reliability.

Kasto Inc., Export, Pennsylvania, 724/325-5600,

controlling gas usage
DataSMART is an automatic switchover manifold system with monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities that can control and maximize gas use and expenses. DataSMART’s proprietary software and advanced technology analyzes gas usage to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Whether working with low-pressure applications in analytical labs, or with high-pressure applications such as laser cutting, welding or manufacturing, DataSMART helps companies better leverage their gas investments. The system works with atmospheric gases and some flammable gases.

Harris Products Group, Mason, Ohio, 513/754-2000,

DataSMART machine
Saw has rigid frame, small footprint
Developed as an affordable tool for non-production settings, the V-1824 vertical tilt-frame band saw is a manual design that allows for miter cuts ranging from 0 to 60 degrees, both left to right. The saw is equipped with a 1 ¼ inch blade and a 5-hp blade motor. An adjustable 0- to 5-degree blade cant will help increase blade life. Reaching blade speeds from 75 to 375 feet per minute, and employing both precision feed pressure and feed rate valve controls, the saw allows for quick adjustments depending on the material being cut.

Cosen Saws, Charlotte, North Carolina, 704/943-1030,

V-1824 vertical tilt-frame band saw