New Products
Magnetic drilling unit to maximize safety
The IceCut 200PM drilling unit installed on a post
The IceCut 200PM drilling unit features a permanent magnet base that operates without electricity for continuous magnetic hold even during power shortages. For safe and easy drilling at job sites, the unit is equipped with a double safety lock lever for additional protection, ensuring the lever is not disengaged accidentally. The AccuDrill torque display system protects against motor overload and reduces the risk of cutter breakage and the AccuDrill system prevents the motor from overloading while minimizing the risk of eventual damage of the cutter from overheating or movement.

Walter Surface Technologies, Windsor, Connecticut, 860/298-1100,

Technology helps maximize parts and profit per plate
PlateSaver is available through Hypertherm’s ProNest and other authorized software for fabricators cutting mild steel on a CNC table using X-Definition plasma. It combines the arc stability of X-Definition plasma with specialized software parameters to increase material yield. Those parameters cause PlateSaver to use shorter leads when starting and finishing a cut for less wasted space between parts.

Hypertherm, Hanover, New Hampshire, 800/737-2978,

the PlateSaver at work
Automation enables ease of operation
full view of the OptiMAX water jet cutting system
The OptiMAX water jet cutting system features OMAX’s intuitive software for greater cutting capability and power, along with improved automation to maximize uptime. New and improved features include: IntelliMAX premium software, designed for quick and easy operation following installation; IntelliVISOR console with key metrics to optimize operations and system monitoring to avoid unplanned downtime; EnduroMAX pump that automatically sets the correct pressure and minimizes fluctuations to improve component life; IntelliTRAX drive system with advanced motion control; and a new garnet delivery system to further minimize downtime.

OMAX Corp., Kent, Washington, 800/838-0343,